Folder-RSS v0.95

Folder-RSS is a simple program that scans folders on your hard drive, looks for new files and then makes an XML file listing the results. I wrote it so that Xbox Media Center would list the latest TV shows I had downloaded in its ticker. If Folder-RSS is not running on the same machine as XBMC then I recommend you use it in conjunction with the excellent Dropbox so that the resulting XML file ends up in a place where XBMC can find it.

Folder-RSS is fairly configurable. It will sit in the tray and scan your folders in user-definable intervals using multiple filepatterns. It also has an intelligent renaming feature that will present my.show.s06e12.hdtv.xvid-2hd.avi as my show s06 e12.

Perhaps you can find other uses for my program. I hope so! Let me know about it by mailing me.

Anyway, try it out for yourself. I recommend the installer, but if you like you can try the portable version. If you're nosy you can see the source.

Written in AutoHotKey from an original idea and code by Sander van Dragt. Icon by Deleket.